Help us give youth the tools to pursue positive and self-fulfilling lives outside of drugs, gangs, and organized crime.

We believe that where someone is born and consequently the borders (class, race, sex, nationality, etc…) that separate, surround, and often define individuals are random and arbitrary and should not decide the opportunities and fate of anyone in this life.

We see at-risk youth populations not as a threat or an incurable and lost group of youngsters, but as a boundless and potent source of ideas, creativity, multiculturalism, and promise. Born into extremely unfavorable conditions, these youth have been denied any real chance to realize their full potential. In this highly globalized world they are the future of the world.

We started developing the project after researching youth gangs and child soldiers in the Congo and Mexico for our respective Master’s and PhD degrees.

Fortuitous circumstances brought us together from all walks of life. Our travels and experiences in social development as well as our desire to share the power of climbing gave us the idea. The desperate youth situation in Mexico and support of locals urged our action. The culmination of all those factors birthed the origins and initial pilot-project in Monterrey in 2014 and a desire to bring climbing to as many at-risk youth as possible.